Carla Smallfield

Carla Smallfield"After I graduated from the Health & Society program I pursued my passion for helping children by attending teachers college at Lakehead University. Afterward, I was hired by the Peel District School Board and am currently a Grade 3 teacher. Due to my studies at York I can better understand the society my students are growing up in and help prepare them for the challenges they face. The courses in this program give students the whole picture; the lives and health concerns of all people — from children to the aging — are examined in detail. Personally, this program has also helped me understand the importance of health for my family. I have made better food choices and have become involved in the fitness industry.

"Throughout my time at York there were many courses that impacted me. Women in Health was by far my favourite course; it opened my eyes to the many issues that face women around the world, not just in our communities. Disability and Society is also a course I would recommend. Through this course I discovered my love for helping children when we were given the opportunity to volunteer at Variety Village. I have taken the skills I learned in Disability and Society into my classroom to ensure that all of my students are treated with equity and given the tools and accommodations that will help them succeed."