Cindy McCully

Cindy McCully"Health & Society teaches you about the broader determinates of health and how to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and think of new ways to look at old issues. A Health & Society degree can point you in many directions - do you like outreach and to be in the spotlight or are you quiet and happy to be in the background supporting wonderful work you believe in? Be creative, innovative, open minded and you will find your place. As long as you work for an organization that you believe in, you will find a way to apply your Health & Society knowledge.

"My first job after graduating was as a support worker in a community living project. The Health & Society degree opened the door to that position, allowing me to integrate social, emotional and physical health while working with some tremendous special needs adults. When it was time to stop working shifts, I accepted a position with the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC) where I have worked since 1994, working first with the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) and then with the accounting team as Financial Officer. Working for a not for profit organization gives me the opportunity to connect with many valuable health organizations and initiatives."