Lyudmila Gavryushova

Lyudmila Gavryushova"Many of the courses I took in HESO contributed to my understanding of how political and socio-economic factors affect populations and individuals. In my last year, I worked as a research assistant in the Department of Social Sciences. My duties included researching, analysing and reporting on assigned topics such as patient advocacy and health advocacy programs across the world.

"I currently work as a Senior Intake Coordinator at Seiden Health Management Inc. I deal with accident claims from insurance companies and coordinate in-person medical evaluations with a broad range of health care professionals, legal representatives and insurance adjusters. Upon review of the patient's medical documents and clinical notes, I come to an understanding of the injuries sustained in the accident and look for an appropriate doctor or therapist to assess the client. I am also the co-chair on our Health and Safety Committee where I do monthly health and safety inspections and lead quarterly meetings."