Michal Nahman

"When I began my studies in Health and Society at York University, my goals were to learn about the politics of women's health. The courses I took in Health and Society at York prepared me for a career in feminist technoscience studies and medical anthropology.

"After completing my degree at York I went on to do a doctorate in anthropology and sociology at Lancaster University (UK). I conducted ethnographic research in laboratories, clinics and in peoples' homes, into the transnational trade in women's eggs between women in Israel and Romania. This research was written up as my doctoral dissertation, entitled, 'Israeli Extraction: An Ethnographic Study of Ova Donation and National Imaginaries.'

"I'm now working on turning this into a book. I am still based at Lancaster University, as a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology. I am also member of the Centre for Science Studies. I teach courses relating to women's bodies and biomedicine, specifically on themes of reproduction, gender, race, citizenship and the politics of health."