Rachel Schlesinger

N701B Ross Building
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Research Interests

Social gerontology, aging and caregiving, later life relationships, interpersonal relations of grandchildren and grandparents, healthy aging and wellbeing in families and communities.

I graduated from Cornell University with a B.Sc and M.A. in child development and family relations. My doctorate came from the University of Toronto, researching issues of women in the "middle". In the midst of all this, I taught school ( from kindergarten through to community college) before coming to York on faculty in 1989.

I have taught the core courses for Women and Society and Education and Social Change. It seemed natural to move from a discussion of middle aged women to Aging and Caregiving. In short, my work on families expanded to work in the field of social gerontology.

Research interests followed a similar track. One project in the 1980's looked at women's choices regarding new reproductive technology, another at changes in families and health. Together with Ben Schlesinger I wrote  on Elder Abuse in Canada .This led to programs , projects and training sessions to raise the awareness of elder abuse in Canada.

As we age, we tend to teach and pursue research that is relevant to our own lives. In this way, my  current books ,articles  and conference papers reflect work in the field of families and Grandparenting. As people age, those who have been single by choice, death or divorce, are turning to new partners, so attention is paid to Retirement Remarriages.

In short, my field deals with the many facets of families in Canada today, the impact of aging, well being, health and dating patterns of seniors. Societal views of older citizens are undergoing changes due to better health , resources, education and social policies. Seniors are becoming visible!

This allows us to continue to work against ageism, to promote health policies and to delight in the many facets of aging in Canada today.