Health & Society Student Association (HESOSA)

What is Health & Society?

Health & Society is an interdisciplinary program at York University that goes beyond biological views of health to examine its social, cultural and political dimensions. We study poverty, racial, sexual, and gender discrimination, globalization, neo-liberalism, environment, community support, social cohesion, occupational stress, home care, malnutrition, political economy – in other words anything and everything that affects health.

Organization Mission Statement

hesosaOur mission is to provide HESO Students and the broader York University community with a better awareness about the ever-expanding field of health. HESOSA encourages opportunities for fellowship across related and non-related fields. We aim to provide a safe space for all students to deepen their post-secondary experience by providing resources and opportunities relevant to their chosen degree.

HESOSA also organizes fun and educational social events that unite all students with an interest and passion for health. We act as a liaison between HESO students, their professors and York HESO alumni, and provide networking and volunteer opportunities for students to enhance their university experience and co-curricular record.

All students are welcome to join the Health and Society Student Association. In order to become a member, add us on YUConnect and email us your full name, student number and email address.

Are you interested in volunteering with us?

Volunteering will allow you to build new friendships, raise awareness of a variety of health issues, fundraise for health-based organizations and receive service hours for your co-curricular record.

Volunteering Tasks:

  • Running Tablings
  • Assisting with event planning and organizing
  • Participating in fundraising-events
  • Assisting in arranging guest-speakers
  • Social Media promotion
  • Creating event posters and hanging them around campus
  • Working with our executive team to propose ideas for new events

Our volunteers have the freedom to choose which tasks they wish to complete and when they volunteer so that volunteering does not interfere with students’ studies.

If you are interested in volunteering with HESOSA or getting more info about available volunteering opportunities at health-based organizations then please send your inquiries to

Contact Us

Our office located at 121E Founders College, York University