Health & Society Founders Book Prize

The Founders Book Prize is given to students for creative distinction, excellence and exceptional initiative in the completion of a Health & Society course assignment. The prize of $250 is given out at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year levels in November of each year.

Health & Society Founders Award Recipients

Year 2nd  Year Winner(s) 3rd Year Winner(s) 4th Year Winner(s)
2016-17 Ryan Moisan Was Not Given Away Maria Mardirosian
Victoria Francavilla
Amanda Pierre
Ai Yamamoto
2015-16 Sadaf Khursheed Ryan Torrence Bradley Wilson

The Gina Feldberg Prize (formerly the Health and Society Prize)

This award honours the memory and distinguished teaching record of Professor Gina Feldberg by recognizing academic excellence in a fourth-year Health & Society Honours major. The Prize will be awarded in November of each year to the fourth year Health & Society Honours major who attained the highest academic average in the previous academic year, during which time they were engaged in full-time study as an Honours Health & Society student.

The Gina Feldberg Prize Recipients

YEAR Winner(s)
2017-18 Michelle Noorzad
2016-17 Bradley Wilson
2014-15 Michael Adia