Health & Society Founders Book Prize

The Founders Book Prize is given to students for creative distinction, excellence and exceptional initiative in the completion of a Health & Society course assignment. The prize of $250 is given out at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year levels in November of each year.

Health & Society Founders Award Recipients

2014-15 Cindy Lin
2nd Prize (honourable mention)
Theresah Afrakomaah
3rd Year Prize - Ai Yamamoto
2nd Year Prize - Bradley Wilson
2013-14 Mayuri Mahentharan
2012-13 Caitlin Murphy Ruby Redmond-Misner
2011-12 Heather Osler
Aurita Withers
2010-11 Bradley Keeling
Adrienne Schnier
2009-10 Bradley Keeling Adrienne Schnier
2008-09 Adrienne Schnier Aarthy Rajah
2007-08 Frank De Francesco Caitlin Murphy
Sherry Stein
2006-07 Kristine Tomcheski
Cheryl Pritlove
Christina Leo
Lesley Wilton
Sarah Wu
2005-06 George Axiotis
Valerie Outmezguine
Julian Berko
Holly Snider
2004-05 Naana Adu-Gyamfi
George Axiotis
Lindy Becker
Alexandra Courneya
Sheryl Hope
Valerie Outmezguine
Nina Rothenstein
Agata Stypka
Chana Weisbart
2003-04 Pamela Anania
Erin Cesaroni
Emilee Elliot
Michelle Forgione
Nina Kimmons
Nadia Siddiqui
Jason Steele

The Gina Feldberg Prize (formerly the Health and Society Prize)

This award honours the memory and distinguished teaching record of Professor Gina Feldberg by recognizing academic excellence in a fourth-year Health & Society Honours major. The Prize will be awarded in November of each year to the fourth year Health & Society Honours major who attained the highest academic average in the previous academic year, during which time they were engaged in full-time study as an Honours Health & Society student.

The Gina Feldberg Prize Recipients

2014-15 Michael Adia
2013-14 Aleeza Freedman
2012-13 Heather Osler
2011-12 Jennisha Wilson
2010-11 Adrienne Schnier
2009-10 Adrienne Schnier
2008-09 Sherry Stein
2007-08 Caitlin Murphy
2006-07 Sherry Stein
2005-06 Kristine Tomcheski
2004-05 Valerie Outmezguine
2003-04 Jason Steele