Faculty Profiles


Megan Davies

Megan DaviesProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Associate Professor)
Email: daviesmj@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 704A South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33812

Lykke de la Cour

Lykke de la Cour
Profile: LA&PS Profile
(Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream) - On Leave
Email: ldlcour@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 718 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33303
Lykke de la Cour’s Ph.D. is in History from the University of Toronto. Her research and teaching interests focus on health, disability, and early-twentieth century eugenics and biogenetics, particularly processes associated with disablement, biomedicalization, and socio-legal regulation and the formation of gendered, racialized, classed, disabled and transgressive sexual identities. Her manuscript, From ‘Moron’ to ‘Maladjusted’: Eugenics, Gender and Dis/Abled Citizenship, 1930s-1960s, is under contract with UBC Press and she has an article on eugenics, race, and first-wave feminism forthcoming in Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice. She has published and presented papers on topics such as patient case file methodology and women patients’ perspectives of psychiatric institutionalization. Her current research focusses on an examination of how the medical colonization of Aboriginal populations was extended through psychiatric institutionalization in the 1950s and 1960s. She teaches SOSC 3920 Disability and Society, and SOSC 4144 Engaging Health in Community: Advanced Health Research in the Field.

Denielle A Elliott

Denielle ElliottProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Program Coordinator HESO, Associate Professor)
Email: dae@yorku.ca
HESO Email: HESO.PC@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 311 York Lanes
Phone Extension: 77823

Kenton Kroker

Kenton KrokerProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Associate Professor, Research Stream)
Email: kkroker@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 773 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 30200
I study and teach the different ways that health, biomedical expertise, self-knowledge, and governance have interacted since the early 19th century. For me, history is less about heroes and victims than it is about the forgotten. So I gravitate towards odd, discarded bits from the past to force open questions about biomedicine's origins and its orientation. In this vein, I've published on seemingly marginal historical topics such as anaphylaxis (which I link to eugenics), relaxation therapy (an accidental product of experimental psychology), and encephalitis lethargica (the template for virtual epidemics). My first book - The Sleep of Others - explained how experimental routines and technologies turned sleep from a very personal non-experience to an important public and well-publicized concern. The question of how public health evolves still fascinates me: my most recent research examines how a little-known disease map from the 1880s helped shaped both public health and settler identity in Ontario.

Emilia Nielsen

Emilia NielsenProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Assistant Professor)
Profile: LA&PS Profile
(Assistant Professor)
Campus Address: 734 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77813

Jeannie Samuel

(Sessional Assistant Professor)
Email: jesamuel@yorku.ca 
Campus Address: 708 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33298

Faculty (retired)

Paul Antze

Paul AntzeProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Associate Professor Emeritus)
Email: pantze@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 701B North Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77811

Barbara Beardwood

Barbara BeardwoodProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Associate Professor Emerita)
Email: bbeardw@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 701B North Ross Building

Harriet Rosenberg

Harriet RosenbergProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Associate Professor Emerita)
Email: hrosenbe@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 701B North Ross Building

Rachel Schlesinger

Profile: LA&PS Profile
(Professor Emerita)
Email: rachels@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 701B North Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77811

Jaime Llambias-Wolff

Jaime Llambias-WolffProfile: LA&PS Profile
(Associate Professor Emeritus)
Email: jlwolff@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 701B North Ross Building